Impacts on the human environment.

We are progressively moving towards a form of “push” urbanization that leaves us perplexed. It seems that houses grow faster than trees in every corner of the globe. We all want to be proud of our home and our car. Because this is urgent for the lifestyle we lead. But when is it the progress of our atmosphere?

In these places of zou which have gradually born the city of BOHICON, the urban change is clear and unprecedented. Like the big cities of Benin, population growth here is measured as the push of a champion.  Human activities undoubtedly impact the environment at various levels. The availability of clean and healthy air (to breathe) is more legitimate than the first vital need of the man who is to feed himself. It is a way of feeding oneself to breathe a healthy air. Each car that rolls on this stretch, pollutes the atmosphere, ie the air to breathe. They are a few thousand to circulate and pollute every day. “In 2014, almost half of the world’s urban population was exposed to levels of air pollution that are at least 2.5 times higher than the safety threshold set by the World Health Organization,” according to the report. the SDGs 2016, p. 10, 11th Objective. What is paradoxical at the African level is that the majority of cars are already out of use norms before their circulation on the continent. And the fuels used by the majority of users are adulterated: A combination of factors that exposes us even more to pollution. In this universe where everything seems to be going “very well”, we make ourselves sick. But what seems very remarkable is the existence of trees that is found near this section. This plays the role of decoration at first sight. But they do more than beautify the alley. According to a #Tree_Canada publication, “… a mature tree filters 70 times more pollution than a newly planted tree.” We all know that the tree absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and produces oxygen (O2). What is essential for our well being. As a result, the tree becomes just as important as a house and a car. Although these elements, uncontrolled, destroy the environment. To build trees must be cut, to draw tracks, it is necessary to cut trees. To make an agricultural production trees are cut and so on. Planting a tree today seems harmless. However, with the increased urbanization and the frenetic pace of human existence, trees planted today will ensure a healthy atmosphere for future generations, but trees cut today without a reforestation plan bury us in the invisible dangers and fatalities related to pollution.