The earth, one of the first four essential elements of life, enables the human being to satisfy the first of his vital needs: TO FEED. On every corner of the earth, there is the potential of production. And in every seed lies dormant the essence of germination. likewise, in every man lies the strength of work and the energy of productive reflection. Under these skies of Détohou, a lost corner in the Zou, seeds carrying food grow without knowing that their products would end in our dishes of city dwellers. The need for self-sufficiency and food security are of great importance at this time of our era when mass consumption, as a consequence of the population explosion, has become a global phenomenon carrying risks. Eating healthy is a priority and eating well is a necessity. In a changing world, mastering what we eat determines our place on the globalization stage.


“ELIMINATING HUNGER, ENSURING FOOD SECURITY, ENHANCING NUTRITION AND PROMOTING SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE” is the wording of Goal 2 of the Sustainable Development Goals. This goal 2 “assumes that everyone should have access to sufficient and nutritious food, which will require PROMOTING SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE ON LARGE SCALE, DOUBLE AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTIVITY, increasing investment and enabling a smooth operation. food markets. “(Report on the Sustainable Development Goals 2016). Thus a sustainable agriculture could be seen as that which integrates into a system of symbiosis, the principles of permaculture and agroforestry. It would thus allow to comfortably feed man while preserving his environment through the maintenance of a healthy ecosystem.