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Dear donors, THANK YOU

THANK YOU for your interest in our organization, its values and this agro-ecological initiative. To participate in the realization of this initiative by supporting us, you have the possibility to make donations in kind and / or in cash according to your choice. For each donation, match a planted tree, a canister removed from the streets, and a recycled plastic sign bearing your name to be fixed on the tree planted in the park thanks to you!
This is a symbolic counterpart, intrinsic to the initiative. Our goal is to plant 10,000 trees in 2018.

  • One donation
  • one tree
  • One donation
  • one dépollution


The cash donations will be used to acquire the area of the already targeted park, to cover also the expenses related to the development and the exploitation of the site. The gifts in kind as for them will be used to equip the park with materials and tools, and to equip the agricultural farm of the park also



Make a cash donation
For a banking operation, transfer / check:

Account name:

Account number:

If you are in Benin and you want to make a cash transfer via a GSM network:

Mobile Money : +229

Moov Money : +229

Make a donation in kindWhatever the nature of what you want to give us in kind, please contact our in-kind donation reception cell for an adequate reception of your donation

Donations levels

Crowdfunding 90US $
kind donaton 50US $
Others donation 40US $


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