Africa and its greenery, a love story !

We breathe air every day from the surrounding world. The air that keeps us standing, that makes us live, that allows us to exist comes from somewhere. It comes from our environment. Likewise, every tree works silently to purify the air we breathe and to protect the soil that feeds us.
We are in Africa, the continent of the sun and enthusiasm, of euphoria and happiness, of cultural joy and of the most rooted and ancient endogenous values that are on earth. We are all dazzled by the wealth of the Black continent, which never ceases to amaze us. From the peoples of the desert, through the men of the equatorial forests, to the indigenous peoples of the continental waters of Africa, there is nothing but an inexhaustible source and resource of wealth.
But all this cultural vastness, evolves in a contemporary environment undermined by evils that gnaw on the continent like metastases. Behavioral cancer. I call it deforestation and pollution from plastic waste.
Imagine for a moment that Africa, as warm as it is, loses all its environmental nobility, all its majestic flora and its indomitable fauna ! What are we going to see ? But since we love these wonderful exotic environments, unique in the world, let part of our being be in the preservation and reconstruction of African riches. The call to a duty of conscience resonates in our heads. Every tree we plant is a helping hand for the continent. Every plastic waste that is not thrown into the environment is a toilet for the continent. It all begins at the heart of each one of us. When we visit our most remote regions, we plant trees where we cut them. A little ecological sense and the continent would be better off. There is nothing beautiful about giving a life, and planting a tree is also giving a life. To marry Africa’s greenery is to protect, conserve and enhance it. The forests of the Congo and Gabon are the largest natural reserves of wood, and the lungs of the continent to ensure climate stability in an era where climate change and warming plague the planet of the homo sapiens version 2.0. By instinct, the human is in love with healthy living, greenery and exotic places. A walk in the forest, where one is immersed in the silence of ages and of time, is the essential remedy of the stress that one stores every day in our being. There is no substitute for early morning bird calls in the woods. Still less the wind that dominates the prairies and the savannas by its invisible wings. Augmented virtual reality technologies cannot compete with the emotional and therapeutic power of a forest. Let us be in love, Africa is courting us today, let us accept these advances in order to allow future generations to see a world of the most beautiful. Let us plant a seed and let smiles grow out of the thousands of bliss tomorrow on the sunny paths of a rich continent : Africa and its greenery, That’s love story !
Each stone is useful in this maga puzzle eco-tourism and authentic socio-cultural.

Are you visiting Africa ? Plant a tree !

A tourist, a tree !

Authentic Africa !
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