Being an agricultural entrepreneur requires having a passion and a strong ambition in the field of agricultural production. This is one of the sectors that offer the most opportunity to diversify activities. We can easily embrace the production of different cultures that can be part of a logic of local or international economy (annuity products).

To this end, we are making an essential choice on the cultivation of plantain, a popular fruit in Benin and in Africa in general. His production does not require an extraordinary feature. That is to say that any agricultural will can produce it without complex. AGRIPLAN BENIN has a strong ambition to promote plantain as a cash crop. A vision on which the young organization works diligently. The greatest motivation lies in the different possibilities of integrating culture into the sector. Upstream and downstream, processing units can constitute clusters of activities with high potential for employment. A cross-cutting vision between food security and maintaining a healthy environment. A production respectful of the environment, ecologically recommendable. And when it comes to ecology, growing plantain yields tons of reusable materials. In a dynamic of socio-economic development, we strongly invite all social entrepreneurs to take an interest in the cultivation of plantain.